The Cascadia Data Alliance

The Cascadia region of North America is home to some of the world’s leading technology, research, and medical organizations. Large amounts of biomedical research data are being generated in this geographical area that could be used to support accelerated research if shared effectively. The Cascadia Data Alliance, spearheaded by Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, is developing a data sharing ecosystem to position the region as a global leader in data-driven biomedical research and healthcare, now and into the future.

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Our Core Focus Areas

Data Discovery

Enable sharing of metadata (descriptive information about underlying data) so researchers can find interesting and unique datasets more quickly.

Privacy Preservation

Testing and deploying technological methods to enhance privacy preservation in health research data, including differential privacy and synthetic data generation.

Data Sharing

Streamline existing mechanisms related to governance and generate common approaches for data sharing agreements.


About the Alliance

The Cascadia Data Alliance is being spearheaded by the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center with generous funding and in-kind support from Microsoft. Collaborating institutions include BC Cancer, the Knight Cancer Institute at Oregon Health & Science University, the University of British Columbia Data Science Institute, and the University of Washington eScience Institute.

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